Pitch Proposal

This May Term, I would like to advocate that all meetings between students and administrators be recorded, with transcripts available to all parties involved. The tension between Transy’s administration and students is palpable in a way that seems entirely unnecessary. One way to help ease this tension is to create an environment of mutual respect and trust. As it stands, administrators can (and do) call meetings with students, belittle them, blame them for actions taken against them, and make legitimate complaints seem irrelevant or unfounded. Words spoken in administrative meetings are essentially off-the-record as far as judicial cases go. Often in these circumstances, the same administrators who work to discredit students will be entirely cordial in email correspondences, which they know can be saved. Having a transcript of meetings will allow them to be on-the-record. This holds administrators accountable for their words, while also allowing them to protect themselves from undo accusations.

The good news here is that it really wouldn’t take much in terms of funding. All we would need to do is buy recording equipment, which in the grand scheme of things is relatively inexpensive. The difficult part will be persuading the administration that this is a measure that will help them in the long run, but it is doable in the amount of time we have in May Term.

This safety measure would benefit all of us, students and administrators alike. In the event that a student should have to attend a meeting with an administrator, it ensures that they will not be bullied, encouraging students to approach the people in charge when they have concerns. It simultaneously protects the administrator by ensuring that students will not spread falsehoods about them. There are no losers when it comes to bridging gaps between students and administrators.


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